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Integrate with Terraform

Create multi-cloud golden image pipelines with HCP Packer and Terraform Cloud.


Image management needs to move at the speed of deployment

Terraform enables teams to dynamically provision multi-cloud self-service infrastructure. But how do your teams keep track of and update images used within these provisioning pipelines? How do you know that all image artifacts being provisioned are secure, compliant, and up to date?


Bridge the gap between image factories and image deployments

Use Terraform to launch completely configured machine and container instances from Packer images in seconds. By provisioning instances from known-good images built by Packer, you can ensure only approved configurations are deployed. With the HCP provider for Terraform, the Packer data source allows teams to codify images in Terraform configuration files rather than hard-coding them.

HCP Packer Workflow with Terraform Cloud
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Customer case study

Redeploying stateless systems in lieu of patching at Petco with Packer and Terraform

Dive deep into Petco’s method for reducing the cost of updating stateless on-premises virtual machines via automated redeployment using HashiCorp Packer and private Terraform Enterprise.

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