Use case

Golden image pipeline

Integrate image management with provisioning workflows to automate updates across downstream builds.


Tracking image and build artifacts is cumbersome and time consuming

Tracking base images, their iterations, and their build artifacts across downstream builds and provisioning pipelines can be challenging, particularly when using multiple clouds. Operations and security teams have to cross-reference spreadsheets, personally inform downstream developers, and manually update build files when new base images are released.


Automate image updates across downstream builds and provisioning pipelines

DevOps teams can trigger updates across downstream builds and provisioning pipelines by codifying golden images. They need to generate new machine images for multiple platforms and verify the functionality of changes. The HCP Packer registry improves this process by automatically tracking image metadata and storage location and automatically providing the correct image to developers through Packer and Terraform integrations. Ancestry tracking provides visibility into parent/child relationships.

Packer golden image workflow diagram
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Customer case study

Automating our way out of federal datacenters and into the cloud

Learn how HashiCorp Packer was used to design a pipeline that could be used in federal agencies to migrate into AWS GovCloud and Azure Government.

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Automating image pipelines with HCP Packer

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Caleb Albers

Infrastructure Engineer, HashiCorp