Use case

Automated image builds

Automate the creation of any type of machine or container image. Customize images to match application and organizational requirements.


Manual image creation is time-consuming and error-prone

The manual work of maintaining images across teams is tedious and error-prone, and takes time away from projects that are core to your business. Inconsistent configurations can lead to instability and errors for downstream applications that rely on these images.


Images as code with a unified multi-cloud workflow

Create identical images for multiple platforms from a single-source configuration. By codifying commonly used base images as golden images, they can be standardized, secured, and updated using automation.

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Customer case study

How uses Terraform and Packer to fight cancer develops state-of-the-art machine learning models that detect breast cancer. Learn how it uses Packer to generate virtual machine images deployed on servers in the cloud and in clinics, providing consistency across environments.

Extend Packer with plugins

Plugins extend Packer’s functionality without modifying Packer core by adding new builders, provisioners, post-processors, and data sources.

Introduction to HCP Packer

In this whiteboard video, HashiCorp Co-Founder and CTO Armon Dadgar explains how HCP Packer forms the core of a multi-cloud golden image pipeline.