»consul_key Function

Consul keys can be used within your template using the consul_key function.

You can either use this function in a locals block or directly inline where you want to use the value.

locals {
  my_version = "${consul_key("myservice/version")}"

source "null" "first-example" {
  communicator = "none"

build {
  name = "my-build-name"
  sources = ["null.first-example"]

  provisioner "shell-local" {
    environment_vars = ["TESTVAR=${build.PackerRunUUID}"]
    inline = ["echo my_version is '${local.my_version}'",
              "echo version is '${consul_key("myservice/version")}'."]

This will load the key stored at the path myservice/version from consul.

The configuration for consul (address, tokens, ...) must be specified as environment variables, as specified in the Documentation.