»Breakpoint Provisioner

Type: breakpoint

The breakpoint provisioner will pause until the user presses "enter" to resume the build. This is intended for debugging purposes, and allows you to halt at a particular part of the provisioning process.

This is independent of the -debug flag, which will instead halt at every step and between every provisioner.

»Basic Example

  "type": "breakpoint",
  "note": "foo bar baz"

»Configuration Reference


  • disable (boolean) - If true, skip the breakpoint. Useful for when you have set multiple breakpoints and want to toggle them off or on. Default: false

  • note (string) - a string to include explaining the purpose or location of the breakpoint. For example, you may find it useful to number your breakpoints or label them with information about where in the build they occur

Parameters common to all provisioners:

  • pause_before (duration) - Sleep for duration before execution.

  • max_retries (int) - Max times the provisioner will retry in case of failure. Defaults to zero (0). Zero means an error will not be retried.

  • only (array of string) - Only run the provisioner for listed builder(s) by name.

  • override (object) - Override the builder with different settings for a specific builder, eg :

      "type": "shell",
      "script": "script.sh",
      "override": {
        "vmware-iso": {
          "execute_command": "echo 'password' | sudo -S bash {{.Path}}"
  • timeout (duration) - If the provisioner takes more than for example 1h10m1s or 10m to finish, the provisioner will timeout and fail.


Insert this provisioner wherever you want the build to pause. You'll see ui output prompting you to press "enter" to continue the build when you are ready.

For example:

==> docker: Pausing at breakpoint provisioner with note "foo bar baz".
==> docker: Press enter to continue.

Once you press enter, the build will resume and run normally until it either completes or errors.