»Yandex.Cloud Compute Image Exporter Post-Processor

Type: yandex-export

The Yandex.Cloud Compute Image Exporter post-processor exports the resultant image from a yandex build as a qcow2 file to Yandex Object Storage.

The exporter uses the same Yandex.Cloud folder and authentication credentials as the yandex build that produced the image. A temporary VM is started in the folder using these credentials. The VM mounts the built image as a secondary disk, then dumps the image in qcow2 format. The VM then uploads the file to the provided Yandex Object Storage paths using the same credentials.

As such, assigned Service Account must have write permissions to the Yandex Object Storage paths. A new temporary static access keys from assigned Service Account used to upload image.



  • token (string) - OAuth token or IAM token to use to authenticate to Yandex.Cloud. Alternatively you may set value by environment variable YC_TOKEN.
  • paths ([]string) - List of paths to Yandex Object Storage where exported image will be uploaded. Please be aware that use of space char inside path not supported. Also this param support build template function. Check available template data for Yandex builder. Paths to Yandex Object Storage where exported image will be uploaded.

  • folder_id (string) - The folder ID that will be used to launch a temporary instance. Alternatively you may set value by environment variable YC_FOLDER_ID.

  • service_account_id (string) - Service Account ID with proper permission to modify an instance, create and attach disk and make upload to specific Yandex Object Storage paths.


  • endpoint (string) - Non standard API endpoint. Default is api.cloud.yandex.net:443.

  • service_account_key_file (string) - Path to file with Service Account key in json format. This is an alternative method to authenticate to Yandex.Cloud. Alternatively you may set environment variable YC_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_KEY_FILE.

  • max_retries (int) - The maximum number of times an API request is being executed.

  • disk_size (int) - The size of the disk in GB. This defaults to 100, which is 100GB.

  • disk_type (string) - Specify disk type for the launched instance. Defaults to network-ssd.

  • platform_id (string) - Identifier of the hardware platform configuration for the instance. This defaults to standard-v2.

  • subnet_id (string) - The Yandex VPC subnet id to use for the launched instance. Note, the zone of the subnet must match the zone in which the VM is launched.

  • zone (string) - The name of the zone to launch the instance. This defaults to ru-central1-a.

»Basic Example

The following example builds a Compute image in the folder with id b1g8jvfcgmitdrslcn86, with an Service Account whose keyfile is account.json. After the image build, a temporary VM will be created to export the image as a qcow2 file to s3://packer-export/my-exported-image.qcow2 and s3://packer-export/image-number-two.qcow2. keep_input_artifact is true, so the source Compute image won't be deleted after the export.

In order for this example to work, the service account associated with builder must have write access to both s3://packer-export/my-exported-image.qcow2 and s3://packer-export/image-number-two.qcow2 and get permission to modify temporary instance (create new disk, attach to instance, etc).

  "builders": [
      "type": "yandex",
      "folder_id": "b1g8jvfcgmitdrslcn86",
      "subnet_id": "e9bp6l8sa4q39yourxzq",
      "zone": "ru-central1-a",

      "source_image_family": "ubuntu-1604-lts",
      "ssh_username": "ubuntu",
      "use_ipv4_nat": true
  "post-processors": [
      "type": "yandex-export",
      "folder_id": "b1g8jvfcgmitdrslcn86",
      "subnet_id": "e9bp6l8sa4q39yourxzq",

      "service_account_id": "ajeu0363240rrnn7xgen",

      "paths": [
        "s3://packer-export-bucket/template-supported-get-{{build `ImageID` }}-right-here.qcow2"
      "keep_input_artifact": true