» Vagrant Cloud Post-Processor

Type: vagrant-cloud

The Packer Vagrant Cloud post-processor receives a Vagrant box from the vagrant post-processor or vagrant builder and pushes it to Vagrant Cloud. Vagrant Cloud hosts and serves boxes to Vagrant, allowing you to version and distribute boxes to an organization in a simple way.

You'll need to be familiar with Vagrant Cloud, have an upgraded account to enable box hosting, and be distributing your box via the shorthand name configuration.

» Workflow

It's important to understand the workflow that using this post-processor enforces in order to take full advantage of Vagrant and Vagrant Cloud.

The use of this processor assume that you currently distribute, or plan to distribute, boxes via Vagrant Cloud. It also assumes you create Vagrant Boxes and deliver them to your team in some fashion.

Here is an example workflow:

  1. You use Packer to build a Vagrant Box for the virtualbox provider
  2. The vagrant-cloud post-processor is configured to point to the box hashicorp/foobar on Vagrant Cloud via the box_tag configuration
  3. The post-processor receives the box from the vagrant post-processor
  4. It then creates the configured version, or verifies the existence of it, on Vagrant Cloud
  5. A provider matching the name of the Vagrant provider is then created
  6. The box is uploaded to Vagrant Cloud
  7. The upload is verified
  8. The version is released and available to users of the box

» Configuration

The configuration allows you to specify the target box that you have access to on Vagrant Cloud, as well as authentication and version information.

» Required:

  • access_token (string) - Your access token for the Vagrant Cloud API. This can be generated on your tokens page. If not specified, the environment will be searched. First, VAGRANT_CLOUD_TOKEN is checked, and if nothing is found, finally ATLAS_TOKEN will be used.

  • box_tag (string) - The shorthand tag for your box that maps to Vagrant Cloud, for example hashicorp/precise64, which is short for vagrantcloud.com/hashicorp/precise64.

  • version (string) - The version number, typically incrementing a previous version. The version string is validated based on Semantic Versioning. The string must match a pattern that could be semver, and doesn't validate that the version comes after your previous versions.

» Optional:

  • no_release (string) - If set to true, does not release the version on Vagrant Cloud, making it active. You can manually release the version via the API or Web UI. Defaults to false.

  • vagrant_cloud_url (string) - Override the base URL for Vagrant Cloud. This is useful if you're using Vagrant Private Cloud in your own network. Defaults to https://vagrantcloud.com/api/v1

  • insecure_skip_tls_verify (boolean) - If set to true and vagrant_cloud_url is set to something different than its default, it will set TLS InsecureSkipVerify to true. In other words, this will disable security checks of SSL. You may need to set this option to true if your host at vagrant_cloud_url is using a self-signed certificate.

  • keep_input_artifact (boolean) - When true, preserve the local box after uploading to Vagrant cloud. Defaults to true.

  • version_description (string) - Optionally markdown text used as a full-length and in-depth description of the version, typically for denoting changes introduced

  • box_download_url (string) - Optional URL for a self-hosted box. If this is set the box will not be uploaded to the Vagrant Cloud.

» Use with Vagrant Post-Processor

You'll need to use the Vagrant post-processor before using this post-processor. An example configuration is below. Note the use of a doubly-nested array, which ensures that the Vagrant Cloud post-processor is run after the Vagrant post-processor.

  "variables": {
    "cloud_token": "{{ env `VAGRANT_CLOUD_TOKEN` }}",
    "version": "1.0.{{timestamp}}"
  "post-processors": [
        "type": "vagrant",
        "include": ["image.iso"],
        "vagrantfile_template": "vagrantfile.tpl",
        "output": "proxycore_{{.Provider}}.box"
        "type": "vagrant-cloud",
        "box_tag": "hashicorp/precise64",
        "access_token": "{{user `cloud_token`}}",
        "version": "{{user `version`}}"