»Exoscale Import Post-Processor

Type: exoscale-import

The Packer Exoscale Import post-processor takes an image artifact from the QEMU, Artifice, or File builders and imports it to Exoscale.

»How Does it Work?

The import process operates uploading a temporary copy of the image to Exoscale's Object Storage (SOS) and then importing it as a Custom Template via the Exoscale API. The temporary copy in SOS can be discarded after the import is complete.

For more information about Exoscale Custom Templates, see the documentation.


There are some configuration options available for the post-processor.


  • api_key (string) - The API key used to communicate with Exoscale services. This may also be set using the EXOSCALE_API_KEY environmental variable.

  • api_secret (string) - The API secret used to communicate with Exoscale services. This may also be set using the EXOSCALE_API_SECRET environmental variable.

  • image_bucket (string) - The name of the bucket in which to upload the template image to SOS. The bucket must exist when the post-processor is run.

  • template_name (string) - The name to be used for registering the template.

  • template_description (string) - The description for the registered template.


  • api_endpoint (string) - The API endpoint used to communicate with the Exoscale API. Defaults to https://api.exoscale.com/compute.

  • sos_endpoint (string) - The endpoint used to communicate with SOS. Defaults to https://sos-ch-gva-2.exo.io.

  • template_zone (string) - The Exoscale zone in which to register the template. Defaults to ch-gva-2.

  • template_username (string) - An optional username to be used to log into Compute instances using this template.

  • template_disable_password (boolean) - Whether the registered template should disable Compute instance password reset. Defaults to false.

  • template_disable_sshkey (boolean) - Whether the registered template should disable SSH key installation during Compute instance creation. Defaults to false.

  • skip_clean (boolean) - Whether we should skip removing the image file uploaded to SOS after the import process has completed. "true" means that we should leave it in the bucket, "false" means deleting it. Defaults to false.

»Basic Example

Here is a basic example:

  "type": "exoscale-import",
  "api_key": "{{user `exoscale_api_key`}}",
  "api_secret": "{{user `exoscale_api_secret`}}",
  "image_bucket": "my-templates",
  "template_name": "myapp",
  "template_description": "myapp v1.2.3",
  "template_username": "admin"