»Amazon Data Sources

Packer is able to fetch data from AWS. To achieve this, Packer comes with data sources to retrieve AMI and secrets information. Packer supports the following data sources at the moment:

  • amazon-ami - Filter and fetch an Amazon AMI to output all the AMI information.

  • amazon-secretsmanager - Retrieve information about a Secrets Manager secret version, including its secret value.


The Amazon Data Sources authentication works just like for the Amazon Builders. Both have the same authentication options and you can refer to the Amazon Builders authentication to learn the options to authenticate for data sources.

Basic example of an Amazon data source authentication using assume_role:

data "amazon-secretsmanager" "basic-example" {
  name = "packer_test_secret"
  key  = "packer_test_key"

  assume_role {
      role_arn     = "arn:aws:iam::ACCOUNT_ID:role/ROLE_NAME"
      session_name = "SESSION_NAME"
      external_id  = "EXTERNAL_ID"