»LXD Builder

Type: lxd Artifact BuilderId: lxd

The lxd Packer builder builds containers for LXD. The builder starts an LXD container, runs provisioners within this container, then saves the container as an LXD image.

The LXD builder requires a modern linux kernel and the lxd package. This builder does not work with LXC.

»Basic Example

Below is a fully functioning example.

  "builders": [
      "type": "lxd",
      "name": "lxd-xenial",
      "image": "ubuntu-daily:xenial",
      "output_image": "ubuntu-xenial",
      "publish_properties": {
        "description": "Trivial repackage with Packer"

»Configuration Reference


  • image (string) - The source image to use when creating the build container. This can be a (local or remote) image (name or fingerprint). E.G. my-base-image, ubuntu-daily:x, 08fababf6f27, ...


  • init_sleep (string) - The number of seconds to sleep between launching the LXD instance and provisioning it; defaults to 3 seconds.

  • name (string) - Name of the builder. Defaults to lxd.

  • container_name (string) - Name of the build container. Defaults to packer-$name.

  • profile - Name of the LXD profile used for the build container. Defaults to default.

  • output_image (string) - The name of the output artifact. Defaults to name.

  • command_wrapper (string) - Lets you prefix all builder commands, such as with ssh for a remote build host. Defaults to "".

  • publish_properties (map[string]string) - Pass key values to the publish step to be set as properties on the output image. This is most helpful to set the description, but can be used to set anything needed. See here for more properties.

  • launch_config (map[string]string) - List of key/value pairs you wish to pass to lxc launch via --config. Defaults to empty.