»JDCloud Image Builder

Type: jdcloud

The jdcloud Packer builder helps you to build instance images based on an existing image

»Configuration Reference

In order to build a JDCloud instance image, full-fill your configuration file. Necessary attributes are given below:


  • type (string) - This parameter tells which cloud-service-provider you are using, in our case, use 'jdcloud'
  • image_id (string) - New image is generated based on an old one, specify the base-image-id here.
  • access_key (string) - Your JD Cloud access key. You may set this as an env-variable:export JDCLOUD_ACCESS_KEY=xxx
  • secret_key (string) - Your JD Cloud secret key. You may also set this via env-variable:export JDCLOUD_SECRET_KEY=xxx
  • region_id (string) - Region of your instance, candidates are {"cn-north-1","cn-south-1","cn-east-1","cn-east-2"}
  • az (string) - Exact availability zone of instance, 'cn-north-1c' for example
  • instance_name (string) - Name your instance
  • instance_type (string) - Class of your expected instance
  • image_name (string) - Name the image you would like to create
  • communicator (string) - Currently only ssh is supported. winrm will be added if required


  • subnet_id (string) - An instance is supposed to exists in an subnet, if not specified , we will create new one for you


Here is a basic example for JDCloud.

  "builders": [
      "type": "jdcloud",
      "image_id": "img-h8ly274zg9",
      "access_key": "<your access key>",
      "secret_key": "<your secret key>",
      "region_id": "cn-north-1",
      "az": "cn-north-1c",
      "instance_name": "created_by_packer",
      "instance_type": "g.n2.medium",
      "ssh_password": "/Users/mac/.ssh/id_rsa",
      "ssh_keypair_name": "created_by_xiaohan",
      "image_name": "packerImage",
      "subnet_id": "subnet-jo6e38sdli",
      "communicator": "ssh",
      "ssh_username": "root"

  "provisioners": [
      "type": "shell",
      "inline": ["sleep 3", "echo 123", "pwd"]

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