» Download Community Projects

Packer has a vibrant community of contributors who have built a number of great tools on top of Packer. There are also quite a few projects demonstrating the power of Packer templates.

» Templates

  • bento - Packer templates for building minimal Vagrant base boxes

  • boxcutter - Community-driven templates and tools for creating cloud, virtual machines, containers and metal operating system environments

  • packer-build - Build fresh Debian and Ubuntu virtual machine images for Vagrant, VirtualBox and QEMU

  • packer-windows - Windows Packer Templates

  • packer-baseboxes - Templates for packer to build base boxes

  • cbednarski/packer-ubuntu - Ubuntu LTS Virtual Machines for Vagrant

  • geerlingguy/packer-ubuntu-1604 - Ubuntu 16.04 minimal Vagrant Box using Ansible provisioner

» Wrappers

  • packer-config - a Ruby model that lets you build Packer configurations in Ruby

  • racker - an opinionated Ruby DSL for generating Packer templates

  • packerlicious - a python library for generating Packer templates

» Other

  • suitcase - Packer based build system for CentOS OS images